Names Above Any That Could Make A Claim – Forever Known As The Master Of The Mental Game

Names Above Any That Could Make A Claim – Forever Known As The Master Of The Mental Game

White Devil hits the mic so hard bringing classic hip hop to another level! White Devil has been rapping for about 2 years now dropping consectutive tracks & 4 hit albums! White Devils first album is called “Behind Hells Gates – Like A Dead Bitch I Hate” containg some very awesome hip hop hits like “Haggity Faggity A Fucking – Break Ya Off Sonething From The Homeless Nun” “My Bitch My Girl My Love My Ride or Die” “Captain Dick – Need A Man Thats Thick” “Dick & Pussy War” “Sexual Seduction – Erectional Eruption” “Taking Mine – Giving The Devil His Due” “Ride or Die – My King My Bitch & I” “Your Sad Pathetic Death – We Own You & The Game” plus a ton more! White Devil hits the mic again up in the 21 bringing his second album called “Hotter Than Fire – My Sons & Daughters Desire” containing hip hot hits like “Height Of Number One” “Mr & Mrs. Gunner” “Bossing It Up – My Gun Cocked” “High Upon The Devils Weed – The Bad Seed” plus 4 other hard hitting classic hip hop to get you into your grind! White Devils 3rd hit album is called “Gunning High On Speed Demon Crack – The Djinn To Fullfill A Wish You Cant Take Back” this album is a beautiful & tasteful time & days of The Djinn. Containing 17 bad ass classic hip hop tracks to blow you away with hits like “Super Power & Rich – Satan & The Click” “Sex & Candy – The Future Of The Pussy Patrol” “Malice & Prison Up In & Up On One To Mention” “A Smoking – A Drinking – & A Fucking – This Party So Wild & Trucking” “Evil Always Wins – Tempting You To Commit Any & All Sins” “1 800 911 I Be Snitching – A Festering Call To Be Ditching” plus 11 other hard hitting but so dark & mysterious as only White Devil can! Just this March 2021 White Devil released his 4th album called “The Truth Of The End & Story – God Always Did Have Glory” containging 10 classic hip hop hits like “Suicide Watch – Its Too Late Ya Caught” “Sadistic & Twisted – The Rich & Gifted” “The Riddle & The Big Pun – Just For Fun” “Beat That Bitch With A Bat” “Ass Demons Summoned From The Lair – A Home In The Kingdom So Unfair” “Side Stepper Comes In To Juke & Jive – Bringing In Hell As We All Lied” “Suicidal Sunday – Truth & Religion Too Sinister To Mention” plus 3 other kick ass tracks! White Devil has dropped classic hit singles like “Gangsters Paradise – Never Thinking Twice” “Skanks After The Dick – Damn Bitch You Make Me Sick, “Out Of All Odds & Chances – We Will Not Give In To Thier Gay Advances” “Crazy Speed Freak Demon Coming For My Crack – Like A Blazing Dick Attack” “Iced Out Villian Out On My Take – Most Evil Of All You Too Scared To Be Fake” “I Want A Bad Bitch Ready To Ride – Rocking Out On The West Side” “Baddest Bitch Hits Back – Bringing In The Heat” “The Click I Claim – 187 We Run The Motherfucking Game” “Bringing In The New Revelation – The Legion & Death Row Station” “In Secret The Sinister Click – The Devil Makes Their Pick” “Good Living – Fag Lovin” “The Man In The Darkness Coming Unknown – A Tale Of Horror & Deemed Tragedy Bestowed” “Getting It In – Code Cock Blocked” “We Bank On Our Claim – Now You Insane Fucked Up In The Membrane” “The Queen – That Death Moth Pussy So Fucking Mean” “Sticking It In – Prostitute Mama” plus many other hit classic single hip hop tracks only from White Devil! Check out White Devil now and get down to the most bad ass hip hop raps in history! White Devil smashed the game in 2019 when he busted out his first rap! White Devils first rap ever produced was “Your Sad Pathetic Death – We Own You & The Game” on the hit album “Behind Hells Gates – Like A Dead Bitch I Hate”.

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Stay Awesome, Rock On & I Will See You On The Otherside!

White Devil