Get three of Ken Wolf’s awesome theatre classes in one comprehensive Master Class!

How to Write a Fantastic Play in 28 Days:
Discover a new writing workflow that creates results and earn to write better and faster than you ever believed possible in this cutting-edge Playwriting Course.

Creating Dramatic Action:
Learn the Production Secrets of how to create compelling and exciting dramatic action in your playwriting and take your playwriting to a new level of excitement and clarity.

How to Direct Your Own Play, or Any Play:
Learn the secrets of directing your own play or any play. Learn a unique technique to get the best performances our of your actors and learn the best practices for casting, rehearsals, tech rehearsal, Dress rehearsal, and what to do and not do on Opening Night!

This Master Class is taught by Ken Wolf, Artistic Director of Manhattan Rep and the Host of THE PLAYWRITING PODCAST, voted the #1 Playwriting Podcast in the world. Ken has written over 20 plays, has produced over 1000 full-length plays and 6000 short pieces, and he has directed over 100 plays.

He has a production perspective on Playwriting that know one has, and he teaches unique insights and strategies on the play creation process.

More info on each of these exciting Video Courses:

How to Write a Fantastic Play in 28 Days, with Ken Wolf, Artistic Director, Manhattan Rep.

In this series of videos created from a live Zoom presentation, you will learn How to Write a Fantastic Play in 28 Days, a play that is complete and compelling ready for actors and a director.

Ken offers a whole new way of writing a play in a minimum of 1 hour a day for 28 days. He teaches a unique workflow and game plan to write better and faster than ever before! If you are a playwright, or a writer and want to learn to increase your productivity and creativity, this video seminar is for you.

“I just wanted to thank you for coming along at a time when I needed a push to get through this pandemic. Your guidance, support, and encouragement have been greatly appreciated. The best result is that I now have some solid tools moving forward. I’ve taken a lot of writing courses over the years. Somehow, your approach resonated when others didn’t. So again, thank you.”

Kathleen Rinaldi – Playwright

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn a better way to write a play!

CREATING DRAMATIC ACTION – Learn to Write a Better Play! Home Study Video Edition, with Ken Wolf, Artistic Director, Manhattan Repertory Theatre & Host of The Playwriting Podcast!

A 35 Minute Keynote Video Presentation which will transform your playwriting forever!

The biggest problem I see again and again in new plays is the lack of things actually happening on stage!

Without clear dramatic action and events in every scene, your play is simply BORING when brought to life, no matter how good your dialogue is.

Come learn how to make your playwriting more dynamic, compelling and fun by intergrating clear action and events into your playwriting.

What you will learn:

How to build a play with clear action and events.

How to create dramatic moments between characters.

How to effectively build the dramatic arc of a play leading to a stunning climax!

How to use character Lifelines to take your playwriting to the next level.

Don’t miss this exciting Video Keynote Presentation that will change your Playwriting forever!

DIRECTING FOR PLAYWRIGHTS: How to direct your own play or any play!

DIRECTING FOR PLAYWRIGHTS will give you the skills, best practices and perceptions, so that you can direct your own play or anyone else’s play. It will give you power to choose to bring your own plays to life, when no one is picking them up.

So if you would like to take control of your creative life and direct your plays professionally, or if just want to be able to put together a compelling showcase of one of your plays, this directing video seminar is for you.

What you will learn:

How to prepare your manuscript for rehearsal.

The secret to casting: How to get the best actors for your play.

How to hire the best design team.

With little or no budget: How to be your own design team.

The keys to a great first rehearsal!

Beginner’s mind: How to let the play inform your choices.

How to work with actors so you get their best work.

How to help actors make more compelling choices.

How to create compelling events on stage.

When to cut and when not to cut.

How to amp up the drama, or amp up the comedy!

The best practices to run a tech rehearsal.

The best practices to run a dress rehearsal.

This is the penultimate guide to working with actors and to bringing a compelling play to life on stage.

This seminar is taught by Ken Wolf, Artistic Director of Manhattan Repertory Theatre, who has directed over 100 plays in his lifetime.