Yoga classes on demand with Shien Chee and teachers from seeker+kind yoga studio. Coming to you with love from Mullumbimby, Australia.

During COVID-19, our yoga studio was closed for 12 weeks. In that time, we offered 3 x classes each week on Zoom for our friends all over the world to join. These are the recordings of those sessions.

They are candid, heartfelt and full of the connection from having students practicing along in real-time. The themes reflect what we were going through on a particular day but hold universal truths for all of us at all points in our lives. This is the beauty of yoga – you receive what you need.

Please enjoy the classes. Here is a description of each style so you can choose what feels right for this moment:

• YANG TO YIN ~ Begin with dynamic sequences based around Surya Namaskar (sun salutes). Work with breath to connect and explore, move and feel good in your body for the first 40mins. Then sink into sweet, relaxing, restoring poses for final 20 mins…Bliss.

• SLOW FLOW ~ A gentler approach to vinyasa yoga. You’ll have the opportunity to move into all parts of your body while soothing your mind and nourishing your soul. Deep, full breathing; mindful and slow movements; quiet and peace within. This 60 minute practice will include Pranayama and meditation before softening into deep Savasana to finish.

• RESTORATIVE ~ The big relax. Get all the cushions, blankets and set up near a wall if possible. Put on some soothing music in the background or settle into whatever sounds are around you. Long held poses allow you to deeply soften into your being. Try to let go and come home to your breath; and then let go some more. It’s okay if you fall asleep.

* Please remember that without the guidance of a teacher in the room, you are responsible for your own practice.Take the options that suit you best, and take a rest whenever you need it!